I had a few minutes to spare before having lunch in Sheekey (5 minutes away from the gallery) so dashed in to see this year’s exhibition. I didn’t allow a great deal of time, as for the previous few years there hasn’t been a single picture I liked.

I am reconciled to the current style of realistic, photographic way of painting rather than the freer more impressionistic paintings by artists such as Cezanne and Modigliani that I prefer, so within this context I found rather a lot of very pleasing pictures.

I love the symmetry of these pictures!

The picture of the old lady wearing a dress in the same pattern as the background called to mind a recent screening I saw relaid from the Met of La Traviata – in the scene in the country the stage had 3 or 4 sofas all in bright red chintz with Alphonso and Violeta wearing bathrobes in the same fabric! So odd, they almost disappeared from view when they sat down!





2 thoughts on “The Portrait Gallery – BP Awards

  1. You’ve beaten me to it. I am planning to go mainly to see,
    ‘An angel at my table’. Not sure I’m reconciled to photorealism. Why not just take a photo….
    Your pic of cromwel House looks great on the HS’s website! Ask me about this and the group………

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