This year #Grayson#Perry curated the exhibition and it definitely had a very different feel – a lot of flippant jokey exhibits!! Very few of the usual favourites such as Ken Howard and Olwyn Bowey and  I didn’t see a single Anthony Green picture – there are usually quite a smattering of his!!! Being rather old fashioned I veered towards the more conventional works.  The fragmented porcelain figures by Cathy Lewis were really beautiful.

I loved the very dark animal made out of oak and nails by David Mach entitled Meteorite.



One of the portraits that I thought very effective is called AC 16 painted in oil by Sarah Ball – I wonder why 16 is in the title as the subject looked a lot olderfullsizeoutput_496b

An intriguing exhibit that looked like a snake coiled in a glass cabinet turned out to be made from feathers. I was so busy taking photos from all angles I forgot to note the number and artist!!!


Red Bear made by Debbie Lawson was a predictable choice by Grayson Perry  – made of two traditional Turkish rugs. Quite hideous – I wonder who bought it and why!!!



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