Always difficult buying something special for my grandchildren. Their rooms are packed with toys and somebody always seems to have got in first with a new doll or the latest robot etc. But I can be original by painting them cards!!!


I have to be very careful to choose the right colour palette. This picture was acceptable in  pastel greys, blues and pinks, so is displayed on Chloe’s desk!!

My daughter’s birthday was just a few days later so it was a bit of a rush to get a card ready for her. The joint party (Chloe’s and my daughter’s) had a Chinese theme so I wanted to paint a beautiful lady with a resemblance to her.

Unfortunately I didn’t stick to her favourite colours – she does not like red, and in fact I was disappointed to see the scarf looked a bit like a tea towel!! I think my second attempt works far better in the softer blues, purples and yellow!!! A pity it was too late for the party though!!


And this was my first opportunity to use the Chinese seal I had cut when in Hong Kong recently!!


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