I wanted to see the wonderful Yves Klein pictures in the Gallery of Contemporary Art with the blue resin figures on a gold background, as well as the famous blue Fish pictures, but they were not there – I was told that they had been sent to Paris for an exhibition in the Paris Museum of Modern Art. (However I have looked on line but unfortunately can’t see any details of the exhibition – anybody know about it??) Never mind – there are plenty of other interesting things to see including some Gustav Adolf Mossa pictures tucked away on the top floor. His pictures are actually very sinister.

This picture was in the catalogue in the Musee du Beaux Art I visited the day before, so it was interesting to see the original painting. The girl looks so beautiful but on closer examination, she is sitting on a pile of naked men, her headdress is made up of skulls and dead ravens!!!

I loved the sculpture made from workmen’s wrenches. They appeared to be shimmering fish from a distance.


These shoes are very striking and reminded me of the “Hat” pictures I did in pastels from photos I took in Portobello Road.



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