Friends who know my love of painting in monochrome have been surprised that I have not been earlier to this wonderful exhibition! I think the main reason it has taken so long  (the exhibition is about to close) is that I have been keen to move on, to experiment with colour. But there were some fascinating pictures – a lot of classic pictures like this very detailed painting titled A Girl at a Window by Louis-Leopold Boilly and a portrait by Duerer


The Dutch artist De Witte painted with such skill that his pictures really do look like bas-relief



But surprisingly there is a Giacometti portrait of his young wife, and next to it – a Picasso.

Her is very strange painting of an early body builder –  quite repulsive!


I had hoped to buy some postcards of my favourite paintings. There were very few on sale so the assistant in the shop said I could photograph a few of the paintings in the catalogue.

The painting that impressed me the most was a portrait by Chuck Close. He had formed a grid on a photograph and created a huge painting using 2 inch squares. When getting up close you can see each square has a unique pattern,  but stand back and there is an exact likeness.


A couple of artists had taken photos from newspapers and created original paintings.

One by Gerhard Richter was enlarged and used on the wall before entering the exhibition. Stunning!!!



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